Hi everybody,

This blog is meant to be an easy way of posting the latest happenings with mangroves in Mumbai.

We thought of a website but then managing a website can be a nightmare. Thanks to Worpress we are able to keep the basic communication going, free of cost!


3 Responses to Introduction

  1. Faisal says:

    Eventhough i m not a native of mumbai , very much interested in mangroves and its protection.. i think it is good effort of Aggarval sir….keep it going….

  2. Lawrence D'souza says:

    This is a good site for Mumbai mangroves they need all the protection they can get from aware guys like you. Keep up the good work, on my walks at Juhu beach I have observed mangrove seed pods at the edge of the tide. They look like drum stick slightly rounded in the mid section. Some of these seed pods had young leaves sprouting. I collected many and planted them at Carter Road I am glad to report that some of them are thriving.

    I suggest readers to look for these mangrove seed pods at tide edge at the beach and rescue them by planting them at other mangrove patches. Its a little we can do for active mangrove conservation. Please share with me any ideas and suggestions in helping mangroves.

  3. raghav uchil says:

    I refer to the front page photo of Hutments which were built by destroying Mangroves at Vikhroli.( “The Asian Age”dated 23rd april 2013). I hope Mangrove protection agency takes up this issue with the right authorities and ensure all these hutments are removed before it is too late. We need to go on a war footing on this issue .

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