Letter on Charkop mangroves

A letter to the various authorities as listed in the letter has been sent. The letter is copied below and has been hand delivered and sent by registered post to Delhi.

Charkop Jan08 letter


2 Responses to Letter on Charkop mangroves

  1. raj singh arora says:

    plz plz HELP…..I stay in charkop sector 8…..which is probably one of the greenest n largest mangrove cover i have seen…not to mention my home which overlooks the mangroves….its paradise….the problem being that the shopkeeper below my building daily n i mean everday throws his entire garbage n refuse into this waterway in the mangroves ….its a disater….this water arnd a year ago had fish in it…n i would actually see ppl catch fish with thier rods on a sunday….tdy its filled with refuse n plastic….i have fought the shopkeeper n still do…to no avail…n this is inspite of the fact that a garbage truck comes daily to collect the garbage of the entire building….but this one guy just doesnt listen….he pollutes mother earth on a daily basis n there is no stopping him….plz plz HELP….a concerned very concerned citzen of mumbai.

  2. Sam says:

    I also stay in sector -8 charkop.

    I also see the people throwing garbage into mangroves…
    Which building u stay…?

    Yes, first take the case to yr building Society Chairman.
    Society will force them to use the garbage bin provided.

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