Mumbra-Diva Mangroves

The Diva Mumbra mangroves need help now.


3 Responses to Mumbra-Diva Mangroves

  1. dinesh says:

    dis is xtremly terrible condition. housing n construction r distrying d mangroves. dey r depleting at a very fater rate, vich vil fetch a result of floods in d area. moreover d chemical factories r jus throwing their waste in the small channels where d mangroves dwell.we must all make an attempt to stop dis\!!!!!!!!

  2. Morgan says:


    We are trying to stop destruction of mangrove areas in Florida,USA where I live also. Good luck to you…I hope that your programs are succssful..keep up the hard work and I will try also..thank you.

  3. kiran ghotkule says:

    try 2 publish it in local newspapers also then all the peoples will cm 2 know whats going on ……

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