MMRDA destroying mangroves

It is most saddening and ironical to see the MMRDA itself destroying mangroves in Bandra Kurla Complex.  This has to be stopped immediately. See the images below. Right click and open in new tab. Images taken on 4th Feb 09.

A letter has been sent to

1) The Metropolitan Commissioner

2) Chief Justice, Mumbai High Court

3) Secretary Environment

Read a copy of the letter here Letter to MMRDA. Here mmrda-16feb09-vakola-nala1

An acknowledgment of all the authorities –acknowledgment-of-vakola-nala-letter1

Do join the protest on

Wednesday, 25th Feb, 5 pm

On the Bridge between MMRDA office and ICICI Bank


5 Responses to MMRDA destroying mangroves

  1. clive mann says:

    Destroying mangroves leads to ecological disaster,not least because it directly affects the human population as they are a defensive against marine natural disasters.

  2. jaisingh dhumal says:

    Can planners, civil engineers and environment experts sit together to find a solution to ensure that if the wall must be built then the mangroves on the left bank also continue to receive water?

  3. Rishi says:

    In response to Mr. Dhumal – what use will the wall be of in that case? Inlets can be made in the wall but there has to be a good rationale for the wall itself other than just enriching some vested interests.

    The mangroves are anyways a good buffer between the existing habitation on the left and the nulla.

  4. Pankaj says:

    If authority like MMRDA are voilating the laws, then where should we go? Also, the same is happening between Diva and Dombivali. 60% mangrobe belt is destroed by lanmafia’s. Can anybody give me contact details of mangrove society of India. Send me details on

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