100 mangroves cut at Sai Dham Nagar, Charkop

Just received call from Francis Xavier about 100 mangroves being cut at Sai Dham Nagar opposite Charkop Bus Depot. GE images below should make the matter clear. The Charkop Bus Depot is clearly seen and the mangroves being cut are behind the slums.

(Right click and open pics in new tab)

I spoke to the R North Assistant Municipal Commissioner Mr. Bagalkar, who expressed his desire to cooperate but requested that we persuade MHADA to reveal the photo passes it has issued for the area, which will give him documentary evidence to pursue the matter. The Sr. PI there has also been pursuing the mater and the AMC is willing to share the correspondences.

Will be writing a letter to MHADA, DCP and AMC.

Photographs awaited.

3 Responses to 100 mangroves cut at Sai Dham Nagar, Charkop

  1. dave says:

    A cluster of about 15-20 mangrove trees were hacked on 29-06-2009 at around 06:25 AM by a group of 4-5 people. They cut down the trees but didn’t remove them. They finished the “job” in 5 minutes and moved off. The location is behind Plot No.86 (building Name: Venus Corner), Sector 50E(50-new), Near Seawoods Station(W) (behind Corporation Bank). The cut trees are still lying there.

    Is there any local mangrove protection group in Navi Mumbai?

  2. Kamal prajapati says:



      i would like to know , how many person have get photopass from MHADA AT SAIDHAM NAGAR CHARKOP KANDIVALI (W)UM400067.

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