Mangrove Protection Squads- Meeting by MCZMA and MSI response

The Maharashtra Coastal Zone Management Authority called for a meeting to get feedback and suggestions about forming Mangrove Protection Squads.

mangrove_letter- MCZMA

The following letter with suggestions was submitted to the MCZMA. These do not just pertain to the formation of the Squads.

MCZMA 28Aug09


10 Responses to Mangrove Protection Squads- Meeting by MCZMA and MSI response

  1. harish pandey says:

    i am harish pandey from NEW LINK ROAD RESIDENTS FORUM,DAHISAR.we are amongst the few blessed in the city who can enjoy the beauty and serenity of mangroves.however the recent years have seen systematic & planned destruction of the mangroves.
    our forum has now initiated a crusade to save the mangroves.lacj of will from authorities have compelled concerned citizens like us to come together and act.i call upon all to join us in this mission before the mangroves get extinct.

  2. Mathew S P says:

    We are greatly encouraged by the MCMA’s promise. Tax paying citizens of Dahisar and Borivai are willing to take on anybody who will destroy mangroves. Be it slum lords or the sitting MP, who has publicly announced that he will not let any slum built over mangroves [in CRZ] be removed.
    We undertook our first peace March in Feb 2009 into the slums. Then we managed to stop many dumpers entering the slums. Now the movement has just started. Join us
    Let truth alone triumph, Jai Hind.

  3. SimplyLife says:

    Its worrying to see the mangroves next to Malvani’s St. Anthony Church are destroyed. A swath of land between Marve beach and St. Anthony’s Church is mangroves and is in the eyes of squatters and developers. Its really sad that no one is interested to stop filling of this land for illegal purposes. This marshy open land will be filled with slums and illegal bldgs. if no one takes some interest to stop it.

  4. Seema Raghunath says:

    Dear all,

    I was and still am an avid protector of all things natural .Though am not into reading carbon footprints am cautious and sensitive about every tree felled and marsh land grabbed .At 18 i have suported the goregaon mangrove protection as well by sending pictures and confiming my attendance in court if and when witness of the destruction is required .
    There is a small patch – a pond of wet land in front of my apartment in Kandivili .As usual the garage has appeared that swallows the lands by filling . Can someone help me ?I want to stop the encroauchment and if possible eveict them .I would also like to be active member of the conservation group in and around the areas i reside in.

    Seema R

  5. Jeevandeep Sarvoday Center says:

    Dear sir
    Our organisation Jeevan deep Sarvoday Center has worked for mangrove in gujarat coastal mainly Gulf of Cambay .please send us Maharastra mangrove activity information ,so we can plan out some jointly mangrove activity,


  6. Green says:

    The mangroves between Marve and St Anthony Church on the southern side of the Malad Marve road and also the mangroves between Marve and Malvani Koliwada village on the north side of the Malad Marve road are being used as dumping grounds for debris collected from old buildings that are being demolished by builders for reconstruction. The mangroves in the Malvani Koliwada village area are being filled up by a particular builder who is active in the Malvani village area. In fact the small fishing jetty right at the northwestern end of the malvani koliwada village just near the Masters cricket ground is being filled up with this debris. The fishermen here are turning a blind eye to this because this builder has taken over their agricultural land and is promising a good sum of money to them. Somebody should immediately act. There is a board put up by the
    environmen ministry mentioning that this is protected forest land but the filling has moved much ahead of this board upto 500 to 1000 meters. In fact there are constructions coming up near the mangroves too.

  7. Green says:

    Please somebody act immediately.

    If you come near the Masters cricket ground in Malwani koliwada right opposite to it are the mangroves of this area. The fishermen themselves along with buiders are depositing debris and covering the mangroves in this area meter by meter. They have already built two walkways through the mangroves.

    Somebody please do something immediately.

  8. Vinod patel says:

    everyone i am resident of mumbra i am leaving here frm 1985 but past two year i have analysed that unauthorised constructor and sand removar completely damaged mangroves of mumbra and diva its approximately vanished and even police and politicians Were standing like blind witness i dont know what to do pls help And save mangroves


    there is a tremendous destruction of mangroves between Sea woods and Belapur station on the west side and near the track (Harbour line). How do we stop this. kind respond soon.

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