26/11 and illegal slums on mangroves

The images below speak for themselves. This post has been possible due to the recent timeline feature of Google Earth and much thanks to them.

This is not an isolated incidence but more the norm. In 2007 Mangrove Society of India (Mumbai Chapter) started an exercise to document all such imagery but unfortunately due to the perpetual shortage of resource the exercise did not progress much.

On the first anniversary of the 26/11 attacks when there will be a lot of discussion on saving ourselves from the enemies outside it would be good to understand whether it is people from Pakistan who have come and helped break the CRZ notification and build slums like the ones below, in important mangroves and creek areas, which drains water from heavily populated areas behind?

(For best results, right click and open images in new window)


Would these slums have come up without support from local politicians and police and Collector patronage? Some of the MSI members who were very active in 2002 did bring authorities to site and have a demolition. A second demolition was supported by some residents close by and then nothing.

Again this is a coastal area and who knows who can come up the creek and use these slums as a base? Where is the security then?

Are these slums provided with photo passes which push them behind 2000 or 1995 deadlines? How can the police which supports such illegality be expected to protect?

Its time those who engage in candle marches and other forums started involving themselves with the numerous visible breakdowns and serious initiatives to prevent them.

We will be submitting a petition to the CM about action to be taken on these illegal slums. If you would like your name to be on the petition do let us know.


5 Responses to 26/11 and illegal slums on mangroves

  1. nitesh says:

    classic case of evolution of slums in mumbai.nothin to be proud of but ,the amount of money paid to these slum dewllers will be enough encouragment for such future activities.the government even declare or must have declared such devloping slums elsewhere in the mumbai urban or suburban regions as LEGAL.

  2. naresh p jain says:

    in oshiwara village at millat nagar congress leader & under world don kashinath passi’s elder brother SUBHASH MUNIRAM PASSI make 23 acres forged document of magroves land. in this 100 crore land scam some collectorate dept also helped.now a days there dumping work of building wastage material in progress.

  3. writingkeeda says:

    You are doing amazing work. Keep it up. Awareness is the first step.

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