Whats happening to mangroves behind Seven Bungalows bus depot?

April 8, 2016

This post comes after long. Today some of us took stock of the damaging and completely unnecessary storm water drain works happening on a section between SVP Nagar MHADA and a large patch of mangroves behind Seven Bungalows bus depot in Andheri (W).

The piling work is being carried out by a contractor on behalf of MCGM Storm Water Drain Department with an office in Andheri (E) and to provide a concrete slap 27 feet below the location where we were standing. Thus there will be a concrete box created with a dimension of 27 meters by 5 meters over a length of 600 meters. Pictures and GE image below help explain. Co-orelate the photos with the GE images angles.

What benefit will all this effort and expenditure of public money bring? Is this not a complete wastage of public money and an attempt to choke of water supply to the mangroves? Maybe the purpose is not to provide storm water drainage but to kill the mangroves and then reclaim and create real estate? How much public money is being spent on this?

The mangroves behind Seven Bungalows bus depot provide great flood control for the entire neighbourhood and also cool the area and regulate temperature.

The need of the hour is to stop all the dwelling units next to the ‘drain’ from dumping their household waste into the drain/nullah/mangroves. The natural nullah or water channel is more than sufficient to drain out the water during monsoons and such heavily concretised drains serve absolutely no purpose.

It has to be borne in mind that huge amount of concrete will be used for constructing this drain and the cement, sand, water are all natural resources which are being wasted in the process. The cement comes from limestone mining and the sand is from dredging river beds. All for a work whose utility does not seem apparent at all.