This blog is maintained by the Mangrove Society of India (Mumbai Chapter) as a means of recording

1) various instances of  destruction brought to its notice

2) disseminate information about actions taken by the Society

3) events

The efforts are carried out on a voluntary basis and over the years the activity levels have reduced considerably for want of organised partcipation from the community but we try to best we can.


13 Responses to About

  1. Felix Briaud says:


    My name is Felix and I work for a Delhi-based production company called Diwali Production (formerly known as Babel Press). We work mostly for French TV.

    We are currently investigating the possibility of shooting a report on the issue of mangroves in Mumbai.

    I was wondering if someone from your organization would be willing to do a taped interview for this report.


    Felix Briaud

  2. Moudingo J-hude says:

    Greetings to all,
    Pleasure will our from Cameroon to encourage you in this duty of conserving the mangrove ecosystem.
    May you people find the strenght to sustain this milieu.
    Best wishes,


  3. Amit Survase says:


    I would begin by congratulating your organization for the noble and commendable efforts undertaken by you for the saving the Mangroves.

    Moreover, I wish to bring to your notice, a patch of mangroves behind the 7 bungalows Bus Depot, Andheri West. Its a large green spot with many species of birds and animals dwelling therein.

    This patch of mangroves is between the SVP Nagar, Mhada, Versova and the 7 Bungalows Bus Depot. During the 26/11 floods, there was not even an inch of water logging around the mangroves, I was able to notice this since my house almost touches the beautiful mangroves (well, about 50-60 feet away).

    There is constant flow of sea water from towards Versova sea, which goes upstreams and down-streams, depending on the level of tide in the sea. And the Mangroves were flourishing up-till now.

    However, the BMC started making a wall to protect the SVP Nagar, Mhada, houses (which was not at all necessary). This wall was not necessary since, even the 26/11 floods posed no problem for the houses touching the mangroves.

    I was out of Bombay for over a month and upon my return, I noticed that the BMC has made a “Nala” where the sea water flowed. The far end of the “Nala” is left incomplete for some reason. Maybe they will resume work later on.
    The sea water used to spread into the mangroves and there was always enough water for the mangroves. However, this “Nala” obstructs the water flow into the mangroves and most of the large mangroves are already drying and wilting away. The far end of the Nala is blocked by a lot of debris to stop the water flowing into the Mangroves.

    If the water flow at the far end is not diverted into the mangroves again, the whole patch will eventually disappear, attracting Developers to construct upon the land. I already smell something fishy.

    I request you to please look into this matter and/or guide me accordingly so that I can save the mangroves.

    I would be obliged to hear from you.

    9869 38 39 11

  4. kanchan says:

    can any 1 tell me where i can collect Ceriops tagal mangroove (yellow mangroove) in mumbai.

    • Dear Kanchana my ngo name aalamaram ,working for mangrove seed planting cuddalor dts back water river side villages of thiyagavalli,naduthidu ,nochikadu ,thiruchopuram,poondiyangkupp.and other place adapting mangrove project

      • kanchan says:

        Thank you very much dear can you please give me your contact details and my apologies for late reply

  5. Aalamaram NGO was working con on mangrove planting at thiyagavalli village pack water river side

  6. santosh says:

    I am santosh, I want complaint about destruction of mangroves. Most of area behind my locality earlier was covered by mangroves but today very few area is remaining and it will also get destroyed if nobody sees to it. everyday building material is being dumb at these places and to green mangroves they put some technic and within 4-5 days those part will be become dead mangroves part and then they destroy it.

    Please let me know the authority.

  7. Mangrove seminar invite

    Sub-Forest department of Mumbai/Maharashtra, in a
    ssociation with Young Environmentalists Programme trust to host Mangrove seminar on Role of NGO’s and Community in Mangrove mitigation.
    .We would like to invite your NGO Members and community as well research students to attend the seminar on mangrove protection and action .
    The Seminar is at 3pm on July 30th at Rodas ecotel near HAIKO Supermarket Hiranandani Powai along with high tea and snacks.
    We welcome you to share your views on this occasion.
    Through this meeting we aim to involve more active citizens and spread the information on latest on the status and more importantly, the role of mangroves in mitigation and adaptation to climate change.We can transform this meeting to form a network- and advocacy-focused organization into one still involved in advocacy, but with programs and activities on the ground.Students will be able to make projects based on the same.
    We focus on viable, long-term, equitable solutions that place the local community at center stage.The event has been structured to bring together key partners and collaborators, including educators, NGO representatives, environmental agency staff, and protected area managers, from the state of Maharashtra.We seek your confirmation and consent on the same.
    Yours sincerely,
    Elsie Gabriel,
    Young Environmentalists Programme trust, 804 Glenheights, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai 400076.elsiegabriel@yahoo.com,9967347511

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Elsie Gabriel,Founder,
    Young Environmentalists Programme Trust,
    [Equipping environmental leaders of tomorrow,today!]
    804 Glenheights,Hiranandani Gardens,
    Powai.Mumbai-400076 contact-9967347511

  8. Sanjay Shinge says:

    Humanity Foundation is Working on Mangroves Awareness & Conservation in Mumbai, we are regularly organizing Cleanliness Drives , Mangroves Tree Plantations & Awareness Programmes on Do not Dumping at Mangrove Sites for CH Society’s Etc.
    People who are having interest to safeguard this Mangroves Kindly join us the Movement also we need to make a Documentary Film on the Mangroves of Mumbai so anyone can support our initiative.

    Thanking You
    Sanjay Shinge
    Humanity Foundation
    (Environment Expert)
    E-mail – humanityindia@gmail.com
    # 9029542186
    # 9029282482

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